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Our Programs and Services

Inspire 4 Life Pathways

We focus on providing four solutions through our Inspire 4 Life Pathways: 


Diamonds in the Rough: Minds Beyond Measure strives to empower under-served youth through Creative Arts and Cultural Enrichment Programs, all while developing their literacy, cognitive, social and emotional skills.

Child & Youth Development Programs

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Minds Beyond Measure strives to improve instructional practices and student outcomes through transformational coaching.  Every teacher—no matter their experience level—deserves a coach.

Teacher-Centered Coaching

Support Group


Minds Beyond Measure strives to build upon pedagogical practices and strengthen teaching and learning practices.  

Professional Development



A global initiative to provide children and youth with access to quality education and life empowerment programs that teach invaluable life lessons and skills that our schools do not.

We Program


- New York -

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- International- 

Supporting a Global Initiative

At Minds Beyond Measure, we believe that -

a child’s future shouldn’t be pre-determined by the circumstances of their birth.

Every young person deserves the opportunity to receive an education!

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